• Image of 12 x Halfserts  / Sleeves to suit 250-300-350spine BHD Eliminators

BHD SD Halfsert & Stainless Steel Sleeve

*12 x 55grn total (57grn for 350spine)
*No need for broadhead adapters
*Fit 250-300-350 Spine SD BHD Eliminators
*Sleeve length 30mm weighing 36grn
*halfsert total length 30mm with 10mm outside shaft. Weighing 19grn


90grn stainless halfserts and stainless sleeves
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*Installation meathod : square off arrow carbon. Clean halfsert and inside carbon shaft. Glue in halfsert let set. Clean down excessive glue from between halfsert and carbon shaft and make sure sleeve slides over nicely, can sand carbon and half sert to make round and clean away residual glue. Test fit sleeve and spin. No need to glue On sleeve broadhead or field point will hold it in place. Doing this will make it easier to change a damaged sleeve if you need to.